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There’s a certain reaction from guests that every event designer strives to see. When the “WOW” factor really hits them. While every piece we plan, design and execute for an event are integral there’s one that silently distinguishes itself from the rest of the design, the ceiling. A well-planned ceiling design adds glamour and elegance but also provides a sense of venue transformation, bringing the atmosphere and theme to life. We like to think of the hashtag #LookingUp as less of an architecture thing and more of a “Dang, the ceiling looks AMAZING!” Playing dress up with the literal top of a venue is a challenge but the stunning results are well worth the labor.  

At Pink Monkey, we love exploring the relationship between fabric and light. They’re the two hardest working pieces in the event industry while providing numerous functionality options time after time. Depending on the taste and requests of the client, we love to make suggestions regarding fabric types to ensure the highest quality design but also compatibility with the lighting system, both visual and technical.  The goal is to achieve that soft, glowing light, perfect for weddings or intimate soirees. We want the light to feel welcoming and apparent, without disturbing the rest of the design flow. Speaking of eliminating distractions, draped ceilings also offer anti acoustic noise to reduce harsh sounds especially from hard surfaces and glassware.

Overall, ceiling treatments are a key design element that naturally creates a warm, intimate environment for guests while creating instant drama. If you’re seeking a fairytale-like ceiling for your event, always call The Monkey.