We are more than an event company.
We are purveyors of the Unforgettable.


As the curtain rises, that very first moment, the culmination of weeks of behind the scenes effort from our multi-talented ensemble, has been designed to dazzle.  All at once, every attendee becomes a willing participant in a spectacle that has been flawlessly conceived, created, fabricated, and orchestrated to unfold without the slightest hitch.

Together, with our clients, there is no dream that cannot be realized, no vision that cannot be achieved. Pink Monkey Studio has transformed in-person events to virtual masterpieces, ordinary backdrops into dazzling works of art, dance floors into legendary nightclubs, meadows into Comanche Teepee villages, convention halls into luxury Caribbean beach resorts.

From conceptualizing to activation, we will design, source, manage and produce all aspects of your live or virtual event with flawless execution. Our portfolio provides a world of inspiration for Colorado production and design, live and virtual engagement, and extraordinary custom fabrication and set constructs that leave a lasting impression.  From the first entrance to the finale, you will take with you an experience that will be forever imprinted in everyone’s memory.


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