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We all know that brides come in different varieties. There are dreamers and romantics, urban chic sophisticates, hippie chicks and diehard eclectics. The bride’s style leaves an indelible mark, often serving as the inspiration for the entire wedding as a whole.

But where do men fit into the equation? Grooms are more than just indistinguishable cake toppers these days, each one dressed in a ubiquitous morning suit or tux. They have the ability to shape the style of the wedding just as much as their female counterparts, and their style of dress can be just as much of a determining factor in the event’s decor and overall ambiance as their bride-to-be’s attire.

Here are a few great and positively fun looks for grooms that we’ve spotted in and about the Centennial State this year.

Vintage Wear for the Dedicated Hipster

The edges have blurred on what it means to be a hipster, but some things still hold true. If you’re brewing a special batch of flavored hooch to serve at the reception, and you take a deep interest in making sure that everything your guests consume is 100 percent locally and ethically sourced, you’re probably hipster enough to have disdain for the basic wedding costume.

Vintage appeals to you because you not only get to combine interesting textures and colors but are also able to give your attire an authenticity that a new suit, however carefully tailored, just doesn’t have. You can wear braces, experiment with hats — this look really allows you to engage your creativity. Impart subtle elements of vintage — renting vintage lights is just one way — to align your look with the event.

The best part? You can find great pieces searching through local thrift and yard sales for a fraction of the cost of new duds.

Formal Attire for the Traditionalist with Impeccable Taste

Other men can dabble in eclectic touches, but not you. You are conservative to the bone — and quite frankly, you’re also a bit of a dandy. Your wedding is going to be formal, and it is going to be perfection. You and your bride-to-be reserved the venue two years in advance so that you could get married the third weekend of June, and you’ve hired the best caterer in the city.

Naturally, nothing but a tux will do for you. And yes, you will be sporting all the classic tuxedo accessories. You’ll order shoes from Italy, wear the shirt you had specially made for the occasion on your last business trip to Shanghai, and have the tux precisely tailored to highlight the results of those pre-wedding workouts. If the bride can spend $7,000 on her gown, there is no way you’ll just wear any rental. Only the best will do.

A Casual Look for the Everyday Outdoorsman

You never pass up an opportunity to go mountain biking, and most weekends find you loading up the back of your truck with ski or camping equipment. The idea of putting on a tux makes you very nervous. In fact, you’re only getting out of your Gore Tex just this once to make your bride-to-be and family happy. They’d better take loads of pictures, because seeing you in formal wear is not something they’ll get to experience again anytime soon.

Of course, even your idea of formal wear is pretty casual by ordinary standards. You’re the guy wearing his father’s old Harris tweed jacket and jeans to the altar. Or maybe you’ll don a morning suit — as long as you can wear your favorite boots and lucky hiking socks. The wedding photographer doesn’t have to snap a photo of your feet!

A Surprise Look from the Incorrigibly Wild-at-Heart

You’re the guy who invites a bunch of Danish friends you met on vacation to your ski condo the same week your brother and his wife are supposed to be there. You’re the guy who bought the ski condo itself on the spur of the moment. You once drove 300 miles to sample a street taco, and the parties you threw in college are legend. Your motto is that life is short, so you’re going to do as the spirit moves you.

What does a guy like you wear to the most important event of his life? You might sport a rainbow sequined tuxedo jacket. You might wear short sleeves in order to showcase your tattoos. You might wear shorts or even a kilt. You’re not Scottish, but you do love to keep your future mother-in-law guessing.

Don’t Recognize Yourself in Any of These Types?

Not a problem. You don’t have to fit into a neat category to wow guests at your wedding and reception. In fact, here at Pink Monkey, we love to help trailblazers. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you need help deciding how to merge your wedding style with your event or even if you want some advice on where to get the perfect tux. Just don’t ask us how to tie the bow tie! You’re on your own there, my friend.