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A couple we recently met put together one of the more impressive weddings we’ve seen. This event was the single-handed fiat of a tax attorney with a real talent for event planning. Among other things, she spent days training her dog to be the ring bearer and, in the end, he put on an impressive, even dignified, performance.

We mention the dog because he exemplified her commitment to getting each and every detail absolutely perfect. And they were. The invitations, the favors, the floral arrangements, the venue, the lighting — it was all absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, when she arrived at the venue the morning of the ceremony, she realized, to her horror, there were no chairs in the reception hall! She never ordered any, as she assumed they were included  in the venue rental fee. In a complete panic, she gave us a call and we were happy to find some nice ones for her.

The point is that wedding planning is stressful, especially when you undertake it yourself. Emotions are running high, and you’re going to forget stuff. You’re going to forget to follow through on a note or two you wrote down in your planner. You’re going to think your mother-in-law was supposed to pick up the centerpieces, when she thought your sister was doing it.

The following list is just a taste of what you might forget, but hopefully it will get you thinking.

Can You Party all Night Long?

Sometimes events have so much synergy that you just have to keep on going. Unfortunately, if your DJ has another gig at an all-night club, or you need to vacate the venue promptly at 10:30 p.m., a great party is doomed to fizzle out in the parking lot. It doesn’t have to be that way, not if you remember to book overtime when you rent the venue and equipment and hire your entertainment.

Do You Know What Time the Sun Goes Down?
If not, you’ll be missing the best light for natural photography — and an opportunity for a dramatic photo op — which would really be a shame.

Did You Plan on Lighting for the Band?

You may have invested considerable time and energy into lighting for the ceremony area and reception hall but forgotten that the band needs lighting, too. Depending on how accustomed they are at playing weddings, they might arrange their own lighting, but this is not something you should count on. If you want the band to be a focal point at your event, make sure you don’t forget this detail.

Did You Remember Your Vendors Need to Eat?

When you give the number of meals to the caterer, remember to include meals for your photographer, entertainment, prop wranglers, and anyone else behind the scenes at work on your event. They need to eat because they’ve been working hard, and frankly, they’re expecting to be fed.

Have You Stocked the Restrooms?

Even in a classy venue, sometimes the restrooms leave a bit to be desired. It’s nice to stock the restrooms with fresh towels, fancy soap, and emergency items like safety pins, hair spray, gum and maybe even a tube of mascara.

Do You Have a Designated Friend or Family Member to Assist the Photographer?
Someone has got to help the photographer identify key family members and explain your favorite design elements so that the things you want to remember most are the things that get photographed. While you’re getting last minute details like your hair and makeup taken care of, you also want that person to walk the venue with the photographer so that you can get pictures of everything set up before guests arrive.

Did You Design a Personal Guest Book?

Okay, the guest book doesn’t have to be personalized; any large, blank book with special paper will do. It doesn’t even have to be a book. Just make sure you remember to have something on hand for guests to sign at the reception. It’s a great way to capture the spirit and energy of your event.

After All That, Did You Forget the Reason for the Event?

Signing a marriage license on the day of the ceremony with your officiant and two witnesses is what makes the whole thing legal. This sounds pretty obvious, but couples have been known to overlook this detail, thinking that the officiant was in charge of the paperwork or forgetting to take care of the license until the last minute. A few months before the ceremony, make sure you review your state’s requirements and write them down in your wedding planner. Post another list and stick it on your fridge. Then be sure to follow through.

Let Cooler Heads Prevail

If you just need someone to bring the chairs, we can help with that. But if you’d rather not spend months handling the logistics of the biggest party you’ll likely ever throw, give Pink Monkey a call. We specialize in creating dramatic weddings that are personalized to the last detail, and with a team of dedicated experts, we won’t forget the little things.