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People tend to think of event planning as something they reserve for weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries and graduations. Others parties tend to be more impromptu or do-it-yourself affairs. A keg in the backyard, a couple dozen texts, some Xeroxed invites from the mailroom, and there you have it: Instant Party.

Pink Monkey wants to encourage you to challenge that thinking. Instead of waiting until your 6-year-old gets married to host your next catered event, why not turn a holiday or personal achievement into a celebration worthy of live music, hors d’oeuvres on silver trays, staged lighting and formal invitations? In fact, there’s something to be said for starting your own party tradition, an event that your friends and family will look forward to more with each passing year.

While the following occasions might not immediately make you think “time-honored celebration,” we believe life is short, and as such, one should take time to toast milestones big and small.

Job Promotion

Life events like this are what parties are truly made for. It’s the perfect opportunity to rent a private room in an upscale restaurant. You can find establishments with space for up to 250 guests, and some restaurants provide special feasts upon request.


The papers are finally signed, so why not celebrate in style? The event can be a tasteful announcement of your newly single life, perhaps a cocktail party at a bright and modern venue like Space Gallery — or, for something completely different, host a dance party. Get every guest on your list to contribute their favorite victory song and hire a DJ to pull the whole thing together.

The Winter Solstice

You’re Christian, and he’s Jewish. Or maybe you’re both just sick of pretending there’s something cute about an ugly sweater party. Unlike Christmas, Kwaanzaa, Hanukkah, or Eid-al-Fitr, the pagan solstice has been around for millennia. Celebrate the shortest day of the year — Dec. 21, if you don’t have your calendar handy — with a bonfire, mead and a spread worthy of a Viking king.

Personal Milestone

Did you lose 30 pounds? Finally publish that novel? Run the marathon that’s been lingering on your bucket list? Get the good word out by hosting a party. It can be an event complete with social media tie ins or a few days’ retreat to the mountains with just a few of your closest friends. Whatever you do, the result should be total indulgence — you’ve sacrificed for months or even years, and this is your reward.

Election Day

It’s an American tradition — tying one on at the polls. Whether the booze is for consolation or celebration, make your election day party memorable with screens airing the results, plenty of top shelf liquor, drinking games, and, of course, a betting pool for the number of electoral votes each candidate receives.

House Warming

Finally closing on a great home in your favorite Denver neighborhood is definitely cause for celebration. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know your new neighbors and show the place off to family and friends. Since the venue is your home, why not hold a formal garden party, so long as the weather is nice? Erect a tent in the spacious backyard, hire a classical musician, splurge on floral arrangements for the high-top tables you rented, and serve tasty tapas and cocktails to your guests. Just don’t forget the heat lamps in case it gets a little chilly after the sun goes down.

Chinese New Year

Did you know that the Chinese add a year to their age with each New Year? This “universal birthday” makes for a great Western party theme. Serve customary Chinese New Year foods for prosperity and luck, decorate a tree with the traditional red envelopes, and combine rented paper lanterns with professional lighting to achieve a look that’s more sophisticated than homespun. And why not add your own fun touch? Have each guest bring an unwanted Christmas or Hanukkah gift as part of the universal birthday exchange.

Kid’s Birthday Party

Beloved by kids, these events are the bane of most parents, so we challenge you to try and get this right. The goal is to lease just enough mobile petting zoos and ice cream trucks, and hire just enough clowns and face painters, to keep the kiddos amused, while at the same time giving the average grownup some reason to stick around and socialize. Providing babysitters for the children and catered treats for all ages is a great way to make the event appeal to parents, encouraging them to not to flee at the first sight of the bouncy castle. Alcohol, preferably a special “kids party” cocktail, is a must.

Your Last Day of Work

Remember the feeling you got on the last day of school? When you can finally say good-bye to that boring job you hate and move on to better things, it is definitely time to call your favorite event planner to create a celebration worthy of the transition. You can get creative with this, creating a pictoral or video retrospective of your days at the old job for the amusement of your guests. We also think it would be fun to turn what might otherwise be an all-out bash into a sophisticated black tie evening complete with engraved invitations, cigars and chamber music.

Colorado Day

On Aug. 1, 1876, Ulysses S. Grant signed the proclamation that made Colorado a state. How great is it that this date just happens to be in the dog days of summer? It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate everything you love about living in the Centennial State, or to just to drink some great Colorado microbrews in the company of friends.

Whether you want to celebrate a one-time event in your life or start hosting an annual party, remember that the essence of a great party is commitment. Take the time to think it through and throw your passion into the design and execution. And if you need help with the details — big or small — just give us a call. We love to throw a party — the more memorable, the better. Pink Monkey is at your service.