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Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably hosted at least one event for your company that incorporated some elements of design. While some people naturally have an eye for aesthetics like color, light fixtures and furniture, most need assistance when designing a fabulous soiree.

Not sure how to wow the audience at a brand launch? Want to implement an eye-catching installation at your next corporate event but aren’t sure where to start? Consider hiring a professional design company.

Conventions, Conferences and Networking Events

Conferences tend to be more focused on business over pleasure, but well thought out  educational workshops and panel discussions end with a social event for attendees. Event designers can help you conceive of more inventive ways to implement the conference’s theme into these post-seminar parties. You may think you have after-hours food and beverage covered, but how about a signature cocktail or eye-popping delectable that ties into your brand and is also Instagram-worthy? This is when it’s handy to have an event designer at your service.

Product or Brand Launch

When you’re unveiling your new brand or product, you want to leave a lasting impression. Production designers are experts at building large-scale art installations or other wow factors that will make attendees stop and stare on the way in, which can kick off the festivities before your guest even walks in the door. Our event specialists have a strong creative eye and can come up with theme ideas you might not have thought of, like clever ways to incorporate your brand’s color scheme into your product launch.

Client Appreciation Dinner or Fundraising Gala

For your next charity event, opt for an evening of luxury. With the assistance of an event planner, you can stay within budget while still creating a classy and fabulous affair that will inspire guests to contribute to your organization’s important cause. Event designers are masters when it comes to adding those small, exquisite details that make attendees feel appreciated. For fundraising events, you might consider focusing on one large-scale element of design that captures the message of your nonprofit initiative. Production designers can help you create (or source) a large canvas, mural or art sculpture that not only stuns in the room but can also be auctioned off at the end of the evening.

Open House or Welcome Reception

Invite potential clients to see and experience what makes your company shine, with the benefit of having a professional in charge of the look and feel for your next welcome reception. Stumped on ways to include social media and brand engagement with your next open house? We can build and install a fun photo station that ties in with the event’s theme, where attendees can take their own snapshots with friends and coworkers.

V.I.P. Soirees and Incentive Trips

Treat your top sales stars like the royalty they are, and they’ll continue to build your bottom line. A few years ago we worked with a well-known international broadcasting group who brought their rainmakers (and their families) to the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch. For four nights in a row we completely transformed one of the ballrooms from top to bottom with four very different looks, essentially creating a new set each night. First up, a Pirates of the Caribbean set. Next, we transformed the room into a soccer party with a taped-out field, bleachers and even lockers. A Cirque du Soleil party wowed guests on the third night and finally, a ‘90s-themed party got everyone out on the dance floor on the fourth night.  Event designers are crucial when it comes to pulling off killer parties that make your top players feel valued.

Awards Dinners and Company Milestones

When you’ve created a successful business that continues to thrive, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Recognizing the hours your team puts in can be a momentous, eventful affair— if you design it right. By hiring a professional production designer to take care of everything, you can boost the festive ambiance of an awards dinner, which also leaves you to enjoy the night a bit more yourself. What about hosting a grand casino-themed evening, where employees can “gamble” with the company’s money? Or maybe consider an Rio-inspired event to celebrate your team’s own Olympic accomplishments, featuring an impressive five-ring light display. Another idea is to treat your employees like celebrities by turning the room into an extravaganza fit for Hollywood, complete with a red carpet, a paparazzi-like photo setup and cinematic touches like clapboards in place of table seating cards.

Even for corporate events, it’s imperative to have a design aesthetic that’s cohesive, awe-inspiring and shows how much your company cares about your clients, customers or employees. Pink Monkey Solutions is a full-service event design shop, excelling in production design for corporate events that elevates your brand and impresses your guests. We understand the unique challenges of designing a corporate bash that balances the company’s goals with some more artistic touches. Give us a call or shoot us an email for more ideas on how to add visually striking design elements into your next corporate event.