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Setting up an event is always a unique experience, whether it be the general location, venue or even weather elements. For every project we work on, our primary goal is to create a unique experience and environment that sets the stage for a super memorable event. We’ve noticed some event pieces that have gone rather viral in the general “design trend” world, our favorite of those being micro lounges. A space for your guests to naturally inhabit and make their own. Floor pillows, poufs, vintage benches, whatever it be, these niche event areas are crucial to determining the natural flow of the audience. These carefully curated spaces provide a sort of escape that creates a unique personal experience,but it also gives a sense of comfort before you even sit down.

Creating “Mini-Escapes”

Creating these spaces seems quite simple, while the actual process is very calculated and inserted into the initial design theme. Sure, you could pop a tipi into an open field at a wedding but how do your guests naturally jive into that space? That’s where the planning comes in. We try to isolate areas which have a large “buzz” and identify a space nearby that while still being very close in distance, feels like you’re miles away in your own bubble.

There are a bunch of ways to make micro lounges work for your event, no matter what theme or style you’re going with. Depending on your venue of choice you might have room for a tipi set up, atop a fuzzy white carpet or even cowhide rug. Or maybe it’s a series of unique chairs and poufs around a modern white table to keep it simple. Some of our favorite elements are modern fabricated benches, knit poufs and of course super elegant seats and couches. This season our green mirrored wall was a big hit, paired with low white benches it makes a perfect selfie spot for mingling guests.

Final Step: Magic Fairy Dust

The final and most important element of any event is the guests. Sure, you’ve got a beautifully designed venue but without the genuine human connection to that environment, there is no “magic”. Once the guests arrive all the designs truly come to life when interacted with. We look forward to that moment with every project we work on, without that spark the passion for this industry just wouldn’t be the same.