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If you follow Pink Monkey’s blog, then you know we still have a beautiful toaster boxed and ready to send to the first client that calls about their National Bill of Rights Day party. Now on the heels of that bombshell, let me share another national newsworthy headline with you.

Engagement Season is in full swing!! Run for the hills!

According to’s Get Up-to Speed this Engagement Season with Fact Sheets, 40% of engagements happen between November and February. That means you’ve probably noticed a 40% increase in glittering diamond ring photos on your Instagram feed, a 40% bump in congratulatory Facebook posts, and a 40% rise in tear jerking viral engagement videos. Despite the seemingly more frequent down-on-one-knee photos on your feeds, figures like this are usually thrown around to create a buzz, because nothing sells like a sense of urgency. Sometimes a buzzworthy statistic is accompanied by a cute, cuddly spokesperson. A little green gecko selling car insurance seems to be working pretty well, and that squawking duck peddling supplemental insurance isn’t doing to poorly either. You’ve got a cool jazz-cat cheetah selling cheesy snack food, and of course there’s that tiger selling frosted breakfast cereal… and now a pink monkey selling wedding design and… At this point, if you’re thinking, “Where the heck is he going with this?” you’re not alone.

We can all agree that nothing written in this blog has been groundbreaking so far. So before you start feeling the pressure of the season, let’s break it down and do the math! 40% of engagements happen in the 120 days between November and February, and 120 days is roughly ⅓ of the year. Is the fact that 40% of total engagements happen in 33% of a year really all that inspiring?

Why do we at Pink Monkey point this out? Well… mainly because we love our Texas Instruments calculator and any excuse we have to geek out with it is welcome. Also, we want to remind everyone to relax, enjoy life at your own pace, and not get stressed out by silly marketing tricks.

With that being said, if you are someone who will become engaged during the 2016 – 2017 Engagement Season, then we at Pink Monkey would like to be among the first people to wish you a heartfelt congratulations! No matter what the statistics say or don’t say, we never fail to find inspiration in each new engagement we see. When you’re ready to start designing your dream wedding, give us a call. It may take longer than the 15 minutes it took to buy your car insurance, but it will be worth it.

Happy Engagement Season!