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Designing the perfect wedding is all about finding an aesthetic that resonates with you, then letting that aesthetic carry over into every stunning detail of the ceremony and reception. Your wedding should be like a beautifully choreographed dance or a well-curated museum, where the parts work together flawlessly as a whole.

While Pink Monkey brides tend to be sophisticated, modern, highly-educated, working millennials, their style and vision for their perfect wedding varies, of course. But there are two things that remain consistent: A desire for an exquisite wedding in harmony with their style; and to plan a celebration that people will remember for decades down the road.

Do find yourself saying, like many brides do, “I’m just not that creative… How am I going to design my wedding”? Relax. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to be part of the creative process of designing your dream wedding. You simply need to identify a style that speaks to you and then work with a professional who can actualize the things you envision. Once you pinpoint the broad aesthetic that speaks to your personal style, you can focus on incorporating it into your choice of venue, colors, catering, wardrobe and decor.

We feel that designing a wedding is much like painting a masterpiece. We start with broad strokes to create a framework with which to work in and then hone in on where the fine details and subtle shading must go to bring the masterpiece to life and make it unique to each bride. The first thing we do with our brides is work with them to figure out which broad aesthetic speaks to their personal style and taste. In our experience, a bride who has chosen to have her wedding in Colorado will identify with one of three broad aesthetics: Mountain Elegant, Western Contemporary or Classic Romantic. From there, we establish a baseline and vocabulary that we use to design a wedding custom to that bride’s every desire. So which Colorado bride are you? Are you a nature lover who lives for the out-of-doors? A cowgirl who also feels at home in the heart of the city? A hopeless romantic dreaming of a classically elegant affair? Read on to see which of these styles describes you best.

Mountain Elegant

Colorado Weddings: Mountain Elegant

To you, romance is synonymous with sweeping landscapes and the smell of pine trees. You love to watch the shadows of clouds as they move across a distant summit and follow the bends of a stream as it meanders through the woods. Of course your wedding will showcase nature, and your plan is to exchange your vows outdoors, against the backdrop of rugged, snowcapped peaks.

A conservationist at heart, you incorporate as many natural elements as possible into your wedding decor, bringing the outdoors in with wildflower centerpieces and lush greenery. Glow uplighting helps to mirror the warmth of the great fireplace in your rustic reception hall, and just a touch of metallic provides the right counterpoint, achieving a look of simple elegance.

Western Contemporary

Colorado Weddings: Western Contemporary

While you are fiercely loyal to family, every once in awhile you like to break from what’s expected in order to make a statement. You’ve even thought about wearing a short gown — with cowboy boots, of course.

Your ideal wedding combines classic Western furnishings with whimsical touches, like antler chandeliers and electric pink uplighting. No fussy garden look for you! Instead, you want composed centerpieces and massed arches of flowers. Rustic elements predominate — you love the idea of using cowhide as an accent — but there is also lots of glam, because you just don’t do predictable that well.

Classic Romantic


That moment when a couple first looks into each other’s eyes — right before the orchestra strikes up — is pure magic. You love how the simple motions of a dance can express so much. You dream of walking on marble floors, feeling the train of your gown fall behind you. Is it cliche? Maybe. But you can’t think of anything more romantic than being a princess for a day.

Your wedding is the culmination of that fantasy. Folds of sumptuous drapery, dramatic by candlelight, form the backdrop for a white dance floor flanked by towering cascades of floral arrangements. It’s a black tie event, where waiters pass around canapés on silver platters, and luxurious furniture is grouped in inviting nooks for people to mingle and gather. Overhead, crystal chandeliers cast intimate lighting on your guests as they dance the night away.

At Pink Monkey Solutions, our speciality is designing customized, memorable events that are an expression of you and your beloved. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you personalize a custom wedding that both you and your guests will remember forever.