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For the past year, the city of Denver has been filled with an electricity that began when the Broncos were crowned Champions of Super Bowl 50. The celebratory spirit has been infectious, and we at Pink Monkey have not been immune to the enthusiasm! Although today marks the end of the Broncos’ reign and a new Super Bowl Champion will be crowned, we wanted to relive the magic of the past year by highlighting the Super Bowl Ring Ceremony we had the pleasure of designing. Pink Monkey lead designer, Megan Tierney, worked closely with Anna-Marie of the Broncos Events team and Moet-Hennessy to create a luxurious event that celebrated the Broncos’ achievements of 2016.

According to Megan, “We had a meeting with the Moet-Hennessy team and Anna-Marie who works for the Broncos’ events team, and I was able to show them previous projects we’ve completed and discuss our ideas for this particular event. This was my first time working with a brand and organization of this magnitude, which was a very neat experience. There was quite a bit of creative freedom within the project, so the decision making process was fun for me. I’m also a football fan, so it was amazing to be there during set up in the locker rooms and other facilities. The experience as a whole was incredible.”

After a few collaboration sessions with the team, Moet-Hennessy suggested incorporating a hedge wall which would display bottles and champagne glasses. After it was discovered that bottles and glasses couldn’t be hung on the wall for stability reasons, it was up to the team to make a creative adjustment. Instead of bottles and glasses, they decided to hang game-used footballs from the hedge wall. These footballs had been used for Veteran’s Day and Breast Cancer Awareness games, which added even more significance to the structure.

With a project of this scale, there were many opportunities that allowed Pink Monkey’s creativity to shine. But along with creative freedom comes obstacles that Megan and the team had to overcome. She explained one particular implementation challenge specifically.

“Figuring out what and how to hang decor on the hedge wall was a challenge. When we decided to use footballs, the obstacle became figuring out how to hang them on the wall without taking away from the overall design and make it look like the footballs were floating on the wall. We couldn’t deflate or cut the footballs to make them easier to hang, so we had to come up with a creative solution. We ended up using an L-shaped hook that went through the laces on the football and looped back through a zip-tie that was drilled into the wood backing on the hedge wall. We utilized the puzzle shelving to display the Moet-Hennessy champagne glasses and bottles.”

The end result was an absolute success. Not only was the hedge wall a standout feature of the evening, the round bar was fully customized with the Broncos and Moet-Hennessy logos.

“At Pink Monkey, we strive to customize each event we do, no matter the scale. One element that sticks out in my mind at the Bronco’s Ring Ceremony is the round bar. It’s unique to Pink Monkey and can be unique to each event. It can adapt to whatever the event needs and can be customizable, which is what we’re known for at Pink Monkey. To be able to customize so many elements and think creatively for any particular event is what I enjoy most about being a part of this team.”

We are so grateful to have contributed to the Denver Broncos’ Ring Ceremony, and even more proud to be a part of something so special to the entire city.

“Being a part of the celebratory atmosphere was the most fun aspect of the project. It was Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning’s last season, and something that the whole city was celebrating, so it was great to just be a part of it.”

A special thanks to our partners on this project:

  • Photography: AK Photo
  • Venue: Mile High Stadium
  • Brand Partners: Moet-Hennessy + The amazing Broncos Events Team